I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, at a very early age :-) and grew up in different places in Alberta and Saskatchewan due to my father's frequent relocations related to his work as a clergyman.

After graduating from The University of Alberta in Edmonton in 1970 with a B.Sc. degree, I served as a "volunteer" mathematics teacher at a prestigious girls secondary school in Cameroon, West Africa, for two years at Limbe. Living in West Africa was the most incredible experience. Following this assignment, I spent nine years in Micronesia on the incredibly beautiful tropical Pacific islands of Yap (1 year), Palau (4 years), and my wife's home, the Marshall Islands (4 years), where I taught in various high schools.

During this period, I married Penny in 1975, and we were blessed with three sons: Chris (1977), Wes (1978) and Lionel (1980). In 1981 we moved to Honolulu Hawaii where I completed an M.B.A. degree in International Finance at the University of Hawaii Graduate Business School, after which I worked in Hawaii for an international consulting firm for two years. Our fourth son, Neil, was born in Hawaii in 1984.

We returned to Canada in 1985 to live near my parents, who, incidentally, have both passed away by now. I soon began work in the Vancouver office of a national investment firm, SEI, in the investment industry. In 1996 I was invited to join Montrusco Bolton Investments, a national investment management firm, when they opened their Vancouver office as a Vice President. This partnership ended in September 2003 when the company closed its Vancouver office. After this I joined a very specialized consulting group, Risk and Investment Analytics, within RBC, Canada's largest bank. We provided investment performance and portfolio analytics consulting to large pension plan and endowment/foundation clients throughout western Canada from the Vancouver office.

My "regular" work life ended in January 2013 when I retired. I was fond of saying "I love my work but I'm tired of working." My main structured activities have been a director of the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (2004-2011) and chair of the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society Foundation (2013-2019) charities, and sitting on the investment committee of a major university endowment fund (since 2004). I also try to go on several major trips each year and I generally just do as I feel the spirit moves me. This has included visiting India a number of times, Vietnam, Cambodia, Panama, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, Cuba, Philippines, Bolivia, and a number of cruises. It has been great!

My health is good but Penny suffered from severe diabetes and kidney failure that necessitated being on dialysis since 2013. In 2016 she suffered a stroke that has made life a bit more challenging for us. In August 2017 Penny was hospitalized with problems related to her diabetes including the need for amputations. She did not survive this onslaught and passed away on November 11, 2017. (More details are recorded on the "Penny's Page" part of this website.

Three of my sons - Chris and wife Nena (married in 2018), Wes and wife Liliam (married in 2023), and Lionel - live nearby. Neil and wife Kamy (married in 2015) with kids Elliot and Valerie, live in Hong Kong. Lionel and I are the only ones left enjoying the carefree life of a bachelor.